2019 Bed Race: Racing Information and Guidelines

Bed Construction Guidelines

  1. Bed must be at least a twin size mattress or larger (For safety reason a bed cannot be mounted on bicycles).

  2. Bed must not be higher than 8 feet.

  3. Beds must have box springs or mattress (no air mattress)

  4. Push bars (handles) are allowed, but may not extend more than 16 inches away from the bed frame. They must be designed for safety with no sharp or jagged edges allowed.

  5. Beds must have four wheels. All four wheels must have contact on the ground at the finish line. All wheels must be load-bearing but do not have to be the same size.

  6. Steering mechanisms may be used. No bed may have motorized or mechanical means of motion. All means of motion shall be limited to race team members.

Here's some good tutorials on a solid way to construct a racing bed from scratch:

Team Rules:

  1. Teams must be of 5 people (4 pushers and 1 rider) from local businesses, groups, organizations, schools and churches. (Ages 8+)

  2. Construct an actual bed on wheels and decorate it with a theme of your choice. (Do not use particle press board)

  3. Teams race using man power only, no motors or mechanics allowed (steering mechanism may be used)

  4. Beds must be 3 feet by 6 feet minimum and have either a box spring or mattress-Twin, Full or Queen (no air mattress)

  5. Beds must have 4 wheels and all 4 wheels must be in contact with the ground at the finish line

  6. The bed must be constructed in a fashion that all pushers are able to see the course

  7. Push Bars(handles) are allowed, but may not extend more than 16” from the bed frame with no sharp edges

  8. The rider must be riding on the bed for the entire heat and all 4 pushers must be in contact with the bed

  9. All team members must wear closed toed shoes (helmets and safety pads are highly encouraged)

  10. No alcoholic beverages allowed during the race

  11. All members of the team MUST sign a waiver release form

  12. Failure to report for Bed Inspection by ½ hour before race time will result in disqualification

Racing Information:

  1. Bed Race will be held at the Civic Field Parking Lot in Bellingham.

  2. All races will be run in Heats of 2 beds each. Heats will be chosen prior to race day registration. Beds are guaranteed at least 2 races.

  3. On race day teams will draw for lane assignment for first heat. Lane assignments for category finals will be determined prior to race.

  4. Each Race Team will stay in their lane throughout the race. Race Team interfering with another Team will be disqualified and the interfered Team has the option of a restart.

  5. each bed in each race will be timed and they will be ranked based on their best time.

2 Grateful Bed.jpg

Awards are given for:

  • Most Fund Raised

  • Fastest Bed

  • Best Themed Bed

  • Special Recognition


If each Team member gets 10 people to sponsor them at $20 each = $200/ member x5 members per team = $1000 raised/ Team!
(Reaching this isn’t required, but it is for one of the prizes!)

2018 Awards.jpg

Please complete all information requested on Entry form HERE and email it to familypromisebedrace@gmail.com or complete & submit the digital forms

Payments can be made by:

  1. At the Interfaith Coalition’s Website – Note in description either Bed Race Entry Fee and make sure your Sponsors note your Bed Theme Name so your Team can be credited http://www.interfaith-coalition.org/donate/donate-money/donate-online/

  2. Or Mail your entry check made out to:

      Interfaith Coalition,  910  14th St. Bellingham WA 98225 (Put “Bed Race with Team Theme” In the Memo)