A bed race is only the most fun you'll ever have while helping a good cause!


How do you race a bed?

The plan for the Bed Race is to have Companies and/or individuals sponsor beds to race against each other for Prizes and Bragging rights. A Bed Race Team consists of 5 members (4 Pushers and 1 rider). You can build a Race Bed by putting 4 Wheels on a Bed Frame with a Mattress, use Twin full or maximum Queen size mattress. You can use, bicycle, lawnmower or wheel barrow type wheels on the beds.  Decorate and name your Race Bedwith a Theme (Examples below!). Then we encourage you to challenge another group like yourselves to build a Bed on Wheels and compete against them in a Race held in the Civic Field Parking Lot in Bellingham. The Race Track will be about 100 yards that consists of one turn like a Horseshoe shaped Track.  Entry fee is $100/Bed & Team, or $150 per Team to receive a pre-built bed with wheels that your team decorates.

Here's what you can expect:

Here are more some examples!