Entry Checklist:

  1. Read the rules, Here!

  2. Complete the entry from below.

  3. Sign the waiver and send it in.

  4. Pay your entry fee as instructed below.

  5. Find a bed, and get creative!


All part of an entry must be completed and received by

9PM on September 1, 2019.

Team Entry Form

The following is a digital form of the team entry form. Each team must complete this ONCE PER TEAM to enter. (Here is a link to the PDF version just in case. It can submitted the same ways as the waiver, listed above if needed. 2019 Bed Race Entry Packet )

Team Captain *
Team Captain
Team Category *
Adult Sponsor (Youth Teams Only)
Adult Sponsor (Youth Teams Only)
Contact Info
Please Select Who's Contact Info You Will Be Using: *
Phone *
Address *
Please list your 5 team members followed by their respective ages and T-Shirt Sizes separated by a coma.
Will your team want a pre-constructed bed to be provided? *

The entrance fee per bed/team is $100 if you provide your own. Otherwise $150 per Team to receive a pre-built bed with wheels that your team decorates.

Now that you're done entering your team make sure you pay your entry fee at the Interfaith Coalition’s Website or mail it to the address above!

Note in description "Bed Race Entry Fee" and make sure your Sponsors note says your Bed Team Name so your Team can be credited